Homemade Strawberry Wine Making

Making Homemade Strawberry Wine - 2006


If you have stumbled onto this page without visiting Page One, you may want to go back to the beginning (Click Here).  This page is a continuation of our homemade strawberry wine making activity.

Adding Pectic Enzyme

We added a one ounce bag of Pectic Enzyme to each of the buckets.

More Pectic Enzyme
Adding the "yeast starter"

Then we added the orange juice yeast starter that had been happily "getting started" on the counter since the evening before.

Some of it goes into Bucket #2

The last of it goes into Bucket #3

Yeast Starter, pectic enzyme and the strawberries

Now the buckets are ready for their lids and airlock stoppers as they begin primary fermentation.

Primary Fermentation Begins

Here is a photograph of the buckets on June 22, 2006.  Each one of the airlock stoppers is bubbling away as the primary fermentation begins.

First Stir - Three buckets

June 22nd:  Time to stir the strawberries
Bucket Number 2 - Primary Fermentation

The primary fermentation has begun nicely in all three of the buckets
Bucket #3 - Primary Fermentation

Bucket #3 - Before the first stirring

The saga continues...

I will be updating this page as our strawberry wine making process continues.  Check back over the course of the next few months to see what I add along the way.