After stopping overnight in Boise, Michael, Vesper and I drove on to Twin Falls.
There we stayed at the home of Chad and Jennifer for nearly a week.  Chad's daughter,
Becca, became buddies with Vesper very quickly.  Dave Bleckmann, a mutual friend, flew
in from Oregon to join us all.

Becca and Vesper
Jennifer and Chad
Jen's dog, Rasta, loves to play!

Jennifer shows off Rasta's panties (Rasta wears them
when she's in heat).

Chad and Jennifer's home and property

Hi Jennifer!  Hi Chad!
Chad and Jennifer took us boating on the Snake River.

This area is called "Thousand Falls" because of
all of the surrounding waterfalls.

Jennifer's Camaro

Jennifer, Dave and Becca
Jen and Deena (me) smiling for the camera.  Chad is driving.
Michael and Vesper in the boat.

Dave, Vesper and Becca

The water was very low for this time of year.
Unfortunately, because of the low water level,
the prop on the boat was damaged.
My truck at Cactus Pete's

We drove over the Idaho/Nevada border into
Jackpot.  This "forest" consists of a small stand
of trees (planted and maintained) in the middle
of what would otherwise be desert.

Jennifer and Deena with Becca
and Vesper
The boys played craps (and won a little
money).  I (Deena) played the slots (and lost
a little money).  Jen entertained the girls
until I had thrown away my twenty dollars.
I then joined them outside to wait for
Dave and Michael.
Becca, Michael, Deena, Vesper and Dave

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