Our New 2005 Jayco Jay Flight 27BH - Page Two

Page Two

This is the second photographic page of our new Jayco trailer. If you didn't start on the first page, you might want to go back there to take a look.

Here is the "master bedroom". The bed lifts up for tons of storage space. There are even locking pass-through doors on each side of the trailer to make packing and unpacking the trailer easy. The closets on each side of the bed have rods for hanging clothes, and there are storage cupboards above the bed as well.

There are windows for lots of natural light, and emergency exits at each end of the trailer. The queen bed has nightstands on each side, and there is no lack of electrical outlets throughout the trailer. In the master bedroom, there is even a pop-up television stand with cable hook-up (cable is available in the dining area as well).

There are venetian blinds throughout, and two privacy sliders - one for the master bedroom area, and one for the back bunk and vanity area. It doesn't look like it from the photos, but there is plenty of walk-by space between the end of the bed and the living area wall partition. We can easily get around the bed on three sides (the head of this bed butts up to the front of the trailer).

Most of the trailer is set-up for easy sweep or mop style cleaning. Only the master bedroom area has carpeting.

Here's a good shot of the vanity area. Lots of storage space for bathroom and bedtime related items.

The trailer is equipped with ducted heating and air conditioning capabilities. Nice feature!

There is a skylight in the shower enclosure, making the bathroom nice and bright, without additional lighting requirements (though it does have lights, of course). It has a powerful fan, as well.

The unit came with a dvd/cd/radio complete with surround sound speakers. We played with the stereo, and it was nice to have the music playing softly while we went about our business.

The television hook-up has a cable outlet or can be used with a crank up antenna with reception booster. We don't really plan to put a TV in here, so we cannot attest to how well this works.

We had our youngest daughter make sure she could reach all of the important light switches, and she could.


Here she is pictured in front of the refrigerator.

Vesper up on her bunk, reading a "Goosebumps" book.

The whole shebang, hooked up to my half ton Chevy Suburban. Yep, the 350 seems to be able to pull this trailer, though I sure do know it's back there!

The rock chip plate and the 18 foot awning were nice extras with this unit. It also has a ladder to make roof accessibility easy.

We have found that really tightening up the tension on the equalizer bars during hook-up makes the ride smoother and less "bus-style bouncy" in the truck.