In June of 2001, Michael, Vesper and I went to Idaho.  We stayed overnight
at Stacy and Warren's home in Boise.  Stacy and I went to high school and were
in Job's Daughters together.

Michael and Vesper relax with Dayton in Stacy's
living room.

Stacy cooked wonderful meals for us!

She doesn't look too thrilled
about my habit of taking
candid shots, does she?
Seeing Stacy was so much fun for me!
It was just like old times.  We picked
up as if we hadn't ever been apart,
despite the fact we hadn't seen one
another in years.

Michael and Dayton became
fast friends.
Stacy, Michael and Vesper

Stacy had exciting news!  She told me just before
our trip that she is pregnant!

Here's a picture of little "Thumper" which she sent to
me via email at the end of August.  How exciting!