Updated - 2002

Downstairs Family Room - August 2002

Downstairs Family Room - August 2002

Above are photographs of the downstairs family room as of August 2002.  This is the area where we did a great deal of remodeling in 1998. We switched the up and down sides of the stairwell and knocked out the wall (to the right in the picture below). It allowed light in from the window on the other side of the house through the den area. We isolated the laundry room, formed an offical fourth bedroom for the house, added a cubby for our second computer, textured and painted the walls, put in the oak banister, added ceramic tile on the landing area, created a storage area with a closet and cat door under the stairs, recarpeted and redecorated. Phew!!!!

Downstairs - 1998


The photograph above was taken in 1998, not long after the remodeling was completed.

These two pictures were also taken in 1998. J.J. and Justeena are standing in the den and computer cubby area in the picture on the left. The backyard is visible through the window behind them. On the right is a view from approximately where they are standing in the first picture.