After leaving Diamond Lake on July 23rd, we headed to Prineville
where Jeff and Sandii have a "cabin" overlooking the reservoir.

This photograph was taken from Jeff and Sandii's deck.
Words cannot even begin to describe the beauty of this area.

This shot was taken from the doorway of Jeff and Sandii's
master bedroom.

This picture was taken from the doorway of one of the two
spare bedrooms.

Sandii's truck and the boat in their driveway.

The water was so low that the marina was forced to close the
week before we arrived.  That meant we had to put the boat
in and pull it out each time we went to play in the water.

Standing on the deck, looking toward the cabin.

The weather was gorgeous all week long.  We spent a lot of time in the
boat and on the beach.  Everyone got a chance to wakeboard (or to
TRY to wakeboard), and the kids all enjoyed the innertubing too.

There were suntans (and some sunburns), good friends, lots of kids,
teasing, laughing, cool drinks and warm sand.

What a life!

J.J. tries his hand at wakeboarding (below).  He made it up and STAYED up (the
part which eluded the rest of the members of our family) on his fourth try!
The only time we had any clouds was during our last couple of days there (Saturday and Sunday).  Despite
the fact that they made it a bit cool for wakeboarding, they did make for a nice picture.

We fed the deer which would wander right up to the deck every morning
and evening.  Here is a photograph of two of the regular visitors.