Here are photographs of some of the Pasternak's other toys. The page is pretty heavy with pictures, so it may take some time to load. Thank you for your patience.

Some of the photos have comments attached to them which can be accessed by running your cursor over the image.

Jeff's bikes, lined up neatly.

The trucks and the bikes.

Jeff with the kids on the quad.

The motorcycles and the quad (See it back in the trees?)

Zoom, zoom...

Justeena, Amber, Jeff, Kristii, Shayne and J.J. on the quad.

The kayaks are poking out of the back of Sandii's truck.

Don't mess with Jeff!

J.J. and Shayne carry the kayak up to be loaded into the truck.

Shayne and J.J. helping out.

Justie and Kristii playng on the bikes while they are still on the trailer.

Hey, J.J.!  Look up!

Justie and Kristii aren't your typical girlie girls.