This page contains pictures from Saturday, June 29th.  That was the day we spent with the kayaks.

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Kristii, Sandii, Justie, Amber, J.J., Vesper and Shayne putting on sunscreen before heading out in the kayaks.

Michael with Camdyn

Michael was heading off to take a swim.

Michael with Camdyn in search of a place to do some swimming and shampooing.

Sandii, J.J. and Shayne with Justie in the background.

Sandii and Justeena watch the boys in the kayak.

J.J. and Shayne maneuver around in one of the kayaks.

Sandii was shampooing and conditioning her hair.

Well, at least she looks pretty good natured about finding me snapping these pictures of her.

Sandii just discovered I was holding the camera.

It was beautiful.

Sandii and the kids again.

Sandii took a turn in one of the new kayaks.

Sandii paddling about in the boat launch area.

Mango investigates Amber and Vesper in the kayak.

Amber and Vesper on the water.

All three of their kyaks are out.

Kids in kayaks

J.J., Shayne and Justeena getting ready for their first kayak run on Saturday.

I snapped this shot just before Justie turned the boat upside down.

The boys had already managed to get into their kayak. However, just seconds after I got this photo, Justeena tipped over the kayak she and Amber were going to use.

J.J. and Shayne trying not to get too wet.

Another photo of J.J. with Shayne.

Amber looks like she's having fun.  What about Vesper?

Paddle, paddle...

Maybe I should have put this one on the Kids and Canines page.

Camdyn looks like he wants to go kayaking too.

Justie and Kristii on the boat ramp.

Sandii supervises the boys getting into the kayak.

Vesper and Amber making their way through the calm water.