A web page full of the kids and canines belonging to the Pasternak and Stevens families.

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Mango the surfin' doggie!

Camdyn exploring.

Sound asleep - It was so quiet while she was napping!

Vesper fell asleep on Saturday afternoon and slept for hours.

Vesper with her canine beach buddies.

Mango, Jackson and Camdyn all liked to share the towels with the humans.

Nothing like a day in the sun!

I caught Camdyn in this typical rough collie pose.  He's about six and a half months old in this photograph.

Kings Valley P'rchance T' Dream - "Camdyn"


Vesper, Amber and Camdyn

Vesper still working on whatever problem she was having with her life jacket.

Camdyn and Jackson

Kristii and J.J. are a hot item, both professing to like the other.  However, most of the time, they seem to have difficulty even speaking to one another.  Too shy, I guess.

Kristii and J.J.

Sandii with the girls.

J.J. and Kristii in the same room but ignoring one another, as per usual.

Mango, the deck doggie.

Camdyn - again.

Pile ' O Kids!

Kristii, Shayne, J.J., Vesper, Justeena and Amber all somehow managed to squeeze themselves onto the sofa.

Looks like he's overlooked the regular Cheerios in favor of the frosted ones.  Big surprise.

Breakfast for J.J.

Kids and Canines

Camdyn had so much fun playing with Mango that he played too hard and hurt his paws.  City dog!

Natural tree growth on the hill serves as a backdrop for this picture.

Kristii and Justie play with the dogs on Saturday morning.

Vesper with her Camdyn dog.

I guess I took a lot of pictures of the girls with the dogs.

Kristii and Justie wander behind the dogs.

Can you find the collie in this photograph?

Where's Camdyn?

This is how Vesper spent most of Saturday - playing in the mud.

Vesper has a thing for both boogie boards and mud.

When she wasn't in the mud, Vesper was resting with the dogs.

Nap time!

Pink - Justie, Blue - Kristii, Purple - J.J., Dog - Camdyn

This is the life, huh, Camdyn?

Michael said I should title this one:  "After Vesper was run over by the truck".

I asked Vesper to smile and this is the goofy face she made. Lovely!

Justeena and Amber on one end of the sofa.

I'm not sure Amber wanted me to snap this picture. What do you think?