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Sunday morning - Three of the kids slept on the deck.

Camdyn liked the idea that he had kids in sleeping bags to cuddle.

Justeena romps on the deck with Cammie early Saturday morning.

This is a late afternoon shot of the addition that Michael and Jeff put on the deck on Saturday.

Here's an even better photo of the extension addition Jeff and Michael put on the deck.

Michael likes to help out when we visit the cabin.

The kids did some tumbling exercises on the chair cushions.

Justeena does some gymnastics moves.

The girls practice their head stands and sommersaults.

Jeff and Sandii chat on their deck on Sunday afternoon.  Camdyn rests at Sandii's feet.

More tumbling...

Go Amber!

Justeena and Camdyn - Saturday morning.

Justie and Kristii play with Camdyn before the rest of the crew awakens.

Here's a nice shot of Justie with Camdyn and the reservoir view in the background.

Camdyn wanders alongside the cabin.

A little different view.

Camdyn waits patiently for Justie to adjust his collar.

Justeena checks over the side of the deck for any signs of deer.