Photographs of the Pasternak's wakeboarding.

One of the Pasternak's favorite activities is wakeboarding. Here are some pictures I took on Sunday, June 30th of the year 2002.

Some of the photos have comments which appear when you run your cursor over the pictures.

Shayne pops right up on the wakeboard.

J.J. and Justeena had really been looking forward to wakeboarding this year. J.J. was the only one in our family who made it up and stayed up last year. Justeena was pretty determined to get up this year.

Unfortunately for J.J., his feet have grown a lot since last year. He didn't fit into any of the bindings for the wakeboards or waterskis. Justeena made four attempts the day we were out and actually got up this year. She figures if we had stayed longer, she would have succeeded in staying up.

Here's Sandii up on her wakeboard.

Shayne pulls himself out to the side of the wake in this photograph.  He does a lot of jumps.