This page contains photos of the boat rides on the reservoir.

These are shots taken from inside the boat during our trips to and from the beach area where we spent most of the day. You can see the comments for each photograph by running your cursor over each picture.

Jeff drives the boat while Shayne, Amber and Michael are visible up front.

Jeff driving the boat.

Michael, Vesper and Shayne sit with Camdyn.

Justeena ducked her head to keep the wind out of her face.

Amber relaxes with Mango during the ride.

Amber takes it easy.

One of the wakeboards resting on the tower.

Michael and Vesper pet Camdyn in the boat.

Michael and Vesper together during the ride.

Vesper wasn't fond of the wind in her face.

I was trying to show some of the spectacular views.

Justie getting wind-blown.

Camdyn looks like he's wishing for the ride to be over soon.

A back view of Camdyn.

Justeena laughing and J.J. looking on.

Justeena and J.J.

Speedy Gonazles...Er, I mean, Jeff.

Another one of the gorgeous views from the water.

Camdyn wasn't too sure about the bumps created when the boat would hit other boats' wakes.

I guess I took a lot of pictures from this position!

Cammie would periodically wander to the back to sit with me.

Ah!  What a beautiful day!

Here we are slowing down in order to drive the boat back to the launch ramp.

I like this shot of Camdyn and J.J.

I think Shayne likes to get hit in the face by bugs.

Hi Sandii!

Justie and I were watching some other skiers.

We saw numerous other watercrafts. There were waterskiers, wakeboarders, jet skiers, sailboat occupants and fisherpeople, just to name a few.

Here's another photo of Amber with Mango.

Mango sat with Amber for the entire trip back to the boat ramp.