This page features pictures of the Pasternak's boat while on the trailer.

Look for cursor comments attached to the photos.

Camdyn sniffs around the driveway area in front of the cabin.

Camdyn wanders around the front driveway area of the cabin, where the boat is generally parked.

Oops!  The front of my truck was in the way.

Mango and Jackson are sitting in the driveway to the right of the boat.

The boat on the trailer with the reservoir in the background.  The sheriff is performing an inspection.

The dirt is from a trench that was dug to run power to the cabin.

A picture of the boat taken from the east side of the deck.

Here's the boat in the parking lot of the boat launch area.

An officer was performing inspections of all of the boats before launch. Jeff and Sandii parked here for the procedure.

Sandii and Jeff worked to locate all of the items requested during the inspection.

The kids and I took the dogs for a walk while the inspection took place.

Just another view of the boat.  Pretty, huh?

The reservoir is visible in the background of this photograph.

One more picture of the boat as it sits in front of the cabin.