The photos below have cursor comments in addition to the visible notations.

J.J. splashes in the water while the dogs chase one another on the shore.

J.J. and the dogs playing on the beach.

Michael talks to Vesper while Sandii looks on.

Michael, Vesper and Sandii

Vesper squints at the camera.

Vesper was having a rough day. She'd played too hard and gotten a bit too much sun the day before. She's squinting at the camera in this picture, but she's none too happy about it.

Dogs, dogs, everywhere!

Mango (white Havanese mix), Jackson (black schnauzer) and Camdyn (tri-color rough collie) hanging out together in the sun.

Vesper tries to put her socks and shoes onto her sandy feet.

Shayne eats crackers and cheese with Camdyn beside him waiting for a hand-out.

Shayne came back to the beach after he was done wakeboarding for the day.

Clockwise from left:  Camdyn, Mango and Jackson.

Another shot of the dogs.