General Plush Pictures

These are pictures from our Plush trip which really didn't seem to fit into any of my other categories.

This is the view of Hart Mountain which my parents enjoy from the deck of their place in Plush.

Hart Mountain

Hart Mountain - Plush, Oregon

View from Mom and Dad's Deck

Nahima wanted to go to Plush with us.

This isn't really from the trip itself, but rather, from the packing phase at home. Nahima decided that he wanted to go with us on our trip. Vesper thought that was a very funny idea.

Dusk from the back of Mom and Dad's place.

This is a view at dusk off the back of my folks' property.


Michael and Dad made sure both Suburbans were in good, working condition.

We happened upon some roadblocks...

More roadblocks.

Nobody's in a hurry around here.

We encountered a number of roadblocks.