Family Galore

Dad and Jesse converse.

Dad and Jesse

J.J. likes to hang out with his grandfather.

J.J. hanging with his grandfather. Vesper and Justeena are in the foreground while Aurora's brother can be seen in the background.

Eric, J.J., Vesper and Julianne

Erik, J.J., Vesper and Julianne

Michael and Dad

Michael and Dad

Family members on the deck

Family members conversing on the deck before dinner

Kids on the sofa

Cook Laird

Uncle Cook Laird

J.J. looks like a zombie in this photograph

J.J. - Age 12

Hi Mom!

Hi Mom!

Uncle Cook, my mom's brother.

Justie - age 10

Justeena - Age 10

Vesper raiding the kitchen, as per usual.

Vesper - Age 5


Jesse Laird

J.J. - age 12

J.J. eating jerky

J.J. driving?  Ack!

J.J. having fun with Grandpa's Suburban

There's no proof here that he was actually at the wheel of Grandpa's Suburban.  Nope.  None.

Family Deck Picture

Justeena, J.J., Erik, Mom and Michael lounging about.

Just lounging around

Justeena and her grandmother.

Justie and her grandmother

Kids on the sofa

Julianne, Brian, Amanda, Vesper and David

Julianne, Brian, Amanda, Vesper and David



Family on the deck again

More family chats

Vesper liked the bull head

Vesper poses with the bull head

Vesper - age 5

Vesper was fascinated with the bull head behind the house.