Here are various pictures of Pirko, taken from early September through early October of 2001.  Pirko now seems to be well-adjusted to his life with us.  He wolf whistles to the cats, who, for the most part, ignore him (Good!).  We still don't know whether he is male or female, but we call him "he" because is is very vocal, which is a common male trait.

To the left is a picture of Pirko preening after breakfast.  Above is a picture of Pirko in a windowsill.  Pirko can look outside, but his wings are kept clipped, so he won't ever be flying out there in the backyard.

I have recently purchased a harness for him so I can train him to travel with me, but I have yet to try it out.

Pirko didn't like water when I first brought him home, but now he's so fond of it that he has his own perch in one of the showers.