Every year our friend David Bleckmann roasts a pig.
Every year all of Dave's friends gather around to eat the pig.
For the past two years, Dave has held his "Pigfest" in our backyard.
Here's a little taste of Pigfest 1998, the year we roasted Fritz.


Misha commemorates her ex-husband by naming the pig "FRITZ" in his honor.
To the left, Dave stuffs Fritz full of garlic and onions and then sews his tummy shut with wire.

On the right, Michael and Dave bind Fritz over the coals.

Justeena and Dave observe as Fritz rotates slowly above the bed of coals.
Fritz is FINALLY ready to eat!
Observers take in the sight from the deck, as below, highly skilled members of the "Pork Removal Team" prepare Fritz for the famished feasters.
Say, "Good-bye!" to Fritz!