Starting at four o'clock, and progressing throughout the evening into the night, we
were joined by about seventy of our neighbors, friends and family members for the
Alien Invasion - 2001.

Everyone chose an alien name for the evening.  It was displayed on an alien
nametag so each "being" could be easily identified.

Justeena, alias "Sakari", tests her skill at
"Bobbing for Aliens"

Kids galore played in the hot tub.

Michael and Deena worked on
getting the homemade ice
cream made.

Thank you to Steve and Trinka
and Ron and Judy for letting us
borrow their ice cream makers., "Figgle"... scoops the ice cream onto the cake plates.

Alien artifacts abound...
Looks like Chef Figgle needs to get
more burgers and hot dogs grilled!

A year or two ago, Dave brought over a
bottle of pear brandy.  It didn't taste very
good, but it became a tradition that each
time Dave would come over, Michael and
Dave would each toast with a shot.  This
was the last round to empty the bottle.
Dave was the photographer for most of these
pictures.  He took this one looking into J.J.'s
bedroom window.  J.J. is on the left,
and Scott is in the center.

I guess Dave liked the
garbage can.


Having six gallons of "Blue Juice" 
on hand was a big crowd pleaser.

It's Powiggle!
(known to some as Cindy)
Zaphod Beeblebox (or Michael to
the I.R.S.) couldn't figure out how
to get the pear out of the bottle.