Artwork by Deena Stevens

Saturday - August 11, 2001

The First Arrivals will be beaming in at about 4:00 p.m., but we expect sightings to continue into the night.

Oh yes! There will be lots on hand, but if you feel like bringing your most out-of-this-world side dish, it'd be much appreciated.

We're not sure, so we'll have general thirst quenchers on hand for both the young and the old(er) ... including "Blue Juice", which we think the aliens will LOVE! However, if you cannot live without a certain brand-o-beverage, you might want to tote it along, just in case we aren't able to read your mind.

Michael and Deena Stevens
J.J., Justeena and Vesper
(deleted after the party for privacy purposes)

Don't forget a swimming suit and towel if you're one of those hot tubbing type beings.

(503) 642-3430


"They abducted me and performed experiments on me.  No, no!  I don't use a plastic surgeon!  It's the aliens!  They've made me look this way!"


"I did, indeed, see them. They were gawky, and gangly, and had big ears.  They stood before me and called me 'Brother'.  They thought I was one of their own."


"Oh, si!  Si!  I have seen dem!  Dey came to see me dance and sing in Las Vegas!  Dey were very good audience!  Dey clap for me mucho!  I like dem!"


"I'm going to make a movie with them.  It's going to be called 'PeeWee's Big Alien Adventure"!


"Yes, Dahhhling, I slapped the naughty alien."

Map to the festivities:

(deleted after the party for privacy purposes)

Please park courteously - Neighbors use their driveways. Thanks!