Note to Justeena from Michael.

The note above was written by Michael on July 22, 2002. It was sent to Justeena while she was attending Camp Arrowhead in Stevenson, Washington. The story goes like this: After deciding he was going to write to her, he disappeared downstairs for a while. He then reappeared with this note in his hands.

The note says:

Hi Justeena,

I hope you are enjoying camp. Now for your camping Zen lesson of the day: Be one with nature. Watch a GROOVY sunset, and pretend the rock you are holding is the Nintendo controller. Try and break the record of 517,890 points. Enjoy the wildlife. Embrace the bears, snakes and fish... but not literally... and you should make every effort to keep them out of your sleeping bag. Just between you and me, bears are pretty stinky and you can never get that smell out of your sleeping bag. It's almost as bad as J.J.'s shoes. Well, that's enough Zen for one day. Like I said, I hope you are enjoying your camp. I know that I remember the days I spent at girl scout camp: the forced marches, scurvy, getting up before the dawn, screaming drill sargeants, cleaning latrines... oh wait, that's boot camp... nevermind. I hope camp is nothing like that. Have lots of fun. USE YOUR SUNSCREEN! I don't want to have to call you "Lobster Girl" when you get back. I think I better stop writing now. I'm starting to get dizzy. I miss you. I can't wait to hear all of your camp songs.

Love, Michael

P.S. Always check your food for bugs.

Note to Justeena from Vesper.

Vesper (age five) wrote this note to her sister. It was also sent on July 22, 2002. Vesper will be entering kindergarten in September.

It reads:

Dear Justeena,

Hi! It is your little sister. I miss you a lot! I hope you're having a lot of fun! I'm having a lot of fun.