Some of the photographs have comments which can be viewed by running your cursor over the pictures.

Lorie, Karen and Maureen

Sandii, a little out of focus, but a good picture of her nontheless.

Clockwise from bottom left:  Krystal, Amber, McKenzie, Kylie and Michelle.

Nadine, Patty, Matt, Lorie, Scottie - almost hidden - Karen, Frank, and Maureen.

Everybody looking at Jeff's video clips.

Patty, Jeff, Nadine, Michael, and Mo.

Matt, Lorie, Scottie, Frank and Karen.

Lorie, with her son, Scottie, behind her.

Shayne, J.J., Kyle, Kristii, McKenzie, Justie and Natalie playing Dogopoly.

Another photo of the kids.

Karen, Mo, Nadine, Yvette, Sandii and Matt.  Michael is barely visible between Sandii and Matt.

Scottie, Frank, Lorie, Karen, Mo, Nadine, Jeff and Sandii, Matt and Michael.

Mother and daughter - Lorie and Nadine

Hi Jackson!

Kristii tries to hide from the camera.

Patty and Mango

Sandii's mom, Yvette, and Jeff.

Matt and Patty playing Rumoli

The Rumoli pots get bigger and bigger...