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Vesper, Amber and Kylie plan to sit in for Maureen.

Sandii and Karen, planning their Rumoli strategies.

Mo gets back and takes over her hand from the semi-unauthorized helpers.

Michael and Yvette

Michael, Yvette and Jeff

The Rumoli game

Yvette and Jeff


Karen evaluates the champagne supply while Michael admires Jeff's sabering "O.J." knife.

No shortage of bubbly for the evening.

Yvette, Kyle and Lorie

Karen must be thirsty!

Michael gets ready to sabre.

Fireworks at midnight

Matt, one of Portland's finest - "What fireworks?"

Sparkling cider for the kids - I think...

Yvette gives Vesper a midnight New Year's kiss.

Family hugs...


Watching the fireworks

The boys liked to be close to the action.