New Year's Eve - 2002/2003 - at the Pasternak's House - Page One

Some of the photographs have comments which can be viewed by running your cursor over the pictures.

J.J. and Justie play air hockey

Kylie, Amber and Michelle play pool

J.J., Scottie, Shayne and Justie

Natalie and Kristii

Clockwise from bottom left:  Yvette, Matt, Maureen, Lorie and Frank - extra thumb unknown.

Lorie, Sandii, Yvette and Matt

Making the pizzas

Maureen, Yvette and Kristii eat some pizza

J.J., Shayne and Scottie play games

Hi Mango!

Sandii, Matt, Lorie and Jeff - Kristii in the far back

Clockwise from bottom left:  Justeena, Sjayne, J.J., Vesper, Amber, McKenzie and Kylie are almost out of the shot, and Michelle.

Another photo of some of the kids.  More of McKenzie is visible in this one.

Making a dent in the pizzas...

Lorie kept accumulating drinks.

Maureen, Sandii's sister and one of the primary bartenders of the evening, helps Lorie along.

Hi Blackie!

Giggling girls

Lorie and Karen in the foreground.  Frank, Lorie's husband, in the back.

Lorie, Karen and Mo.