Some of the photographs have comments which can be viewed by running your cursor over the pictures.

Karen, Vesper, Amber and Kristii watch the fireworks and celebrations.

Krystal and her mom, Karen.  Michelle is in the foreground while Sandii and Patty chat in the background.

Hi Justeena!

Sandii has the Dom Perignon in hand, while she and Jeff watch the fireworks.

Oops!  I don't even remember shooting this picture!

Woohoo, 2003!  Vesper celebrates.

Hi Amber!

Patty, Karen and Maureen - with Vesper in the foreground

Yvette, Amber and Michelle.

Sisters - Kristii and Amber


A visitor who was standing on the porch waiting for champagne...

One of the fireworks' embers landed in Justie's cup.

Michael teaches J.J. and Kyle how to sabre.

Micael shows how to sabre off the cork.

A kiss to bring in the New Year...