Mike and Brenda host this party annually for their friends and family members.  They put together a dance floor on their lawn and have "Strictly Country" play from their deck. 

There is always plenty to eat and drink.  Good music, good friends...and even a campfire in the evening.  This is the life!

Lee and Albert accompanied us this year.  Michael and Albert had to promise the women that they wouldn't be "chess geeks" throughout the entire party.  They kept their word.  Lee and I even managed to get a dance or two out of the boys.

The members of Strictly Country let some of the singers in the audience take over the mic from time to time.  Above is Regina, who knocked the socks off of those of us who had never heard her sing before.  Her rendition of "Midnight Train To Georgia" gave me goose bumps!  Wow!

We had to leave the party early due to previously made plans.  However, Michael and Albert did not seem to leave their chess "geekdom" behind.  Here's a shot from the next day when the obsession had returned.