"Becoming a father has been far more fulfilling than I could ever have imagined it would be."

Here are some photographs of Michael with Vesper.  They pretty much speak for themselves...


Michael works for Xerox.
He often spends time reading technical books and scribbling notes in legal pads.  His pleasure reading consists of books such as "Numerical Recipes in C" and papers on "The Chinese Remainder Theorem".

Then, of course, another one of his passions is...

...his 1965 Mustang.

I have affectionately dubbed the car "Freck", which is short for the "F'ing Wreck" (only after he began calling my vehicle "Fruck", short for the "F'ing Truck").

Michael recently had to replace the engine in the Mustang.  There was a point where I was questioning whether or not she would ever run again, but he did it.  He got Freck going!

Father and daughter play together in the January slush and share a Father's Day kiss in June.