This chapter of our homepage is dedicated to the children. 

They bring sunshine and happiness to our lives with their energetic natures and smiling faces. 

We now present to you:

J.J. - age 12
Justeena - age 11
Vesper - age 5

(These are their current ages.  The pictures on this page were taken when the children were younger.)

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The girls love to dress up!  Here they are modeling the very latest fashions.

Vesper, at two, created this "bus" to drive her babies and animals around the house. 

In first grade, Justeena milked Echo, one of the Alpenrose Dairy cows.

J.J. plays a game of soccer while waiting to compete at the state level Odyssey of the Mind competition held at the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis in 1999.

J.J. wanted to be a cockroach for Halloween in 1997.
I wasn't even sure what a cockroach looks like (which is not necessarily a bad thing), so he had to check out books from the library so I had an example from which to work.  The picture to the left is J.J. in his finished cockroach costume.

Justeena has a pretty smile, don't you think?
This picture was taken in early 1999.

Justeena on the upstairs computer and  J.J. on the downstairs computer, helping each other in a game of Starcraft via the network connection.