Kathryn's Visit 2002

Our first glimpse of Kathryn on the concourse.

Our first glimpse of Grandma Kathryn's arrival from Denver, Colorado.

Kathryn being delivered to us behind the security checkpoint.

Vesper waits to see her great-grandmother.

Vesper was anxiously awaiting the arrival of her great-grandmother.

Vesper greets her great-grandmother, Kathryn.

Vesper greeted her Great-Grandma Kathryn with a hug and a kiss.

Chatting in the baggage claim area.

Michael, Margie and Vesper chatted with Kathryn in the baggage claim area.

Michael and Margie getting everything into Margie's car.

Margie helped Kathryn into the car while Michael loaded her luggage.

Another photograph taken in the parking garage.

This picture was taken while I was showing a Chili's employee how to operate the camera.

Nobody was ready for this picture. I was showing the Chili's employee how to operate the camera.

Four generations:  Kathryn, Margie, Michael, Deena and Vesper

Four generations: Kathryn, Margie, Michael & Deena and Vesper

Notice the name of the chimpanzee in the picture on the wall at Chili's --- *sigh*

Honest to goodness - Inside this Chili's restaurant is a picture of a chimpanzee wearing a hat with a name badge spelling out the name "DEENA".