We went to the Washington County Fairgrounds to watch the fireworks.

The evening started off normally enough...

The sunset was gorgeous.

J.J. and Justeena played cards while waiting.
The evening got interesting when a guy, whose car was parked next to ours, decided to use our truck as a urinal - while all five of us were inside!  When we confronted him, he stopped urinating on our tire, but turned and continued to urinate on his own vehicle.  I was outraged that he didn't just stop and go use the honey-buckets three rows over, so I called the police using my cell phone.  Though I didn't hide the fact that I was making the call or getting the guy's license plate, the guy stayed put. Shortly thereafter, three police officers arrived.  The young man originally denied his actions, despite the "puddle of proof" on the ground between the vehicles..  They continued to talk to him outside of the vehicles.  His girlfriend sat in his car, while some companions, who were parked in the car next to his (who saw him urinating in public, as well) waited.  Meanwhile, we sat in our vehicle and chatted.  However, Justeena hit her head against the latch to my back seat, and started bleeding profusely.
I had to interrupt the officers who were still talking with the guy from the car next to ours, to ask them to borrow their flashlight to see the extent of Justeena's wound.  She was still bleeding heavily, so they called for medical assistance.  Soon we had two ambulances arrive with paramedics.  A crowd gathered to view the commotion.  I had a police officer asking me for a statement regarding the "incident" with the fellow in the car next to us, and paramedics asking me questions about Justeena's situation - at the same time. Fortunately, Justie's wound only needed to be bandaged.  She didn't require treatment at a hospital.  As the paramedics were bandaging her wound, the fireworks were starting.  The police officers informed me that the young man had been cited for urinating in public (an action to which he finally admitted), which carried a $250 fine.  This was also when I first learned that the companions in the car next to his were his PARENTS.  The nerve!

At any rate, once all was settled, we sat down as a family to watch the fireworks display.

Oops!  Forgot the flash!

Ack!  He walked in front of my photo frame!
All's well that ends well...