Jen and I met back in 1985 at Oregon State University and we have remained friends ever since.  Though distance separates us in our everyday lives, we visit nearly everyday using our computers, and we see one another whenever we have the opportunity.

Through Jen, Julie and I have become more closely acquainted and we all three enjoy our time together.

Here are some pictures of Jen's trip here in late March 2001, when we all got together with some other mutual acquaintances.

Julie, Valerie, Vesper, Dave, Alex, Michael, Dave and Jennifer's feet...

Valerie, Dave, Vesper, Alex, Michael, Dave, Shane, Greg and the
rest of Jennifer, socializing at Dave Bleckmann's home.

Shane (seated in chair), Tom (sitting on floor), Greg and Jennifer
chatted before the Poker game began.

Out came the wallets as the cards and chips were distributed.
Julie dominated the table all night long, but Greg made up some
lost ground in the final hand as he won at "Guts".

Vesper made herself at home
at Dave's house on Poker night.


Jennifer and Dave sampled
some wine just before Dave
served us the gourmet
dinner he had prepared.

The raccoons were back to greet Jen.

Jennifer and Vesper played.

I don't think either of them had
any fun...