Easter 2002 was spent in Salem at the Paige's house.  Grandma Margie met us there, accompanied by her friend, Robyn.  Donette cooked a ham and Jim barbecued for us.  Yum!

Grandma Judy and Grandpa Ron showed up in the evening.  That weekend, there had been a rock show in Sweet Home which Grandma Judy had attended with Aunt Jolene and their Oregon Sunstones.


"What do I do with it now?"

"I'd better just do a little taste test."
Right after this picture, Vesper turned to her
Grandmother and said, "I love you, Grandma

Justeena and Camdyn

Poor Camdyn got teased.  Grandpa Ron said, "That looks like a chopped off Lassie.  He's a low-rider!"  The rest of the evening, Camdyn was known as "Jesus, the low-riding puppy".

"I'm too sexy for my pants!"

J.J. was laughing so hard we were afraid he was going to have to eat his lunch a second time.

"Oooo!  Ahhhh!  Michael got a new computer and it can play Monty Python dvds!"

Let the hunt begin!

Michael and Deena worked really hard to hide the eggs, but the children were much too good and found them all (we hope, for the sake of Jim's lawnmower!).

The competition was brutal, even amongst siblings.

Vesper looks like she is having to dodge incoming egg missiles here.
Julianne looks like she is thinking, "Whoa!  How is that staying up there?"

This is serious business, you know!
We call this formation "The Egg Brigade".

"I think I saw an egg running that-a-way!"

Julianne looks like she is explaining something very pertinent to everyone  "..and this Easter bucket came from Tokyo, and that one over there, all the way from Helsinki, and that yellow one is very special!  It came from..."

"Look!  Look!  I got a square thing!"

"Nobody's watching... I bet I can make a quick getaway with all of the candy! Muahaha!"

Julianne accidentally took the contents of a couple of Vesper's eggs, and Vesper wasn't going to let the issue drop until she got her candy back.  Nevermind that she already had a bucketful.  Those two or three little pieces of candy were her favorites!
"Hey Robyn, SMILE!
What's that?  You have a cookie in your mouth?
Oh!  I didn't notice!"

"See J.J., that little hole is where the bird goes into the house."

A bird house toast!

Cold running water, late March temperatures, yellow sheet of plastic... hmmm... I fail to see the allure.  Nontheless, the children begged to use the Slip 'N' Slide, so out it came.

Vesper, probably wondering why she's cold.

Kamikaze Erik

"Splash!" goes Julianne

Uh oh, J.J.!  You are ripping the Slip "N' Slide!

Justie, you are supposed to slide down the yellow part.
Grandpa shows Vesper how to defy gravity.

Erik is still on his death seeking mission.

Justie does some gymnastics for halftime entertainment.

"Oh Michael!  I thought we had you all housebroken by now!"

Donette, the ever dilligent pastry chef...
"Look Mom!  A box just grew out of my shoulder!"