Halona's kittens were born on April 17, 2001.
They've grown substantially since their birth, and
I have documented some of their changes in the
following photographs and accompanying text.


April 27, 2001 - DAY 11
Their eyes are beginning to open


April 28, 2001 - DAY 12

Two of the kittens, the black and white spotted one and the bi-color tabby with the whitest face have a genetic defect which causes  kinks in their tails.  The black and white kitten's tail kinks once at a right angle, and the bi-color's tail kinks twice, making it look like a "Z".  The vet said this is most likely due to a manx being bred somewhere back in the mother's ancestory.  It will not affect their growth or development, but will also not be something which they will ever "outgrow".

The two bi-color tabbies are males and the black and white spotted kitten is the only female.

April 29, 2001 - DAY 13

The kittens all have nicknames, however temporary they may be.  From left to right:   Michael dubbed the black and white kitten "Cowkitty".  The middle kitten was named "Zig Zag" by Vesper, due to the fact that genetics have kinked his tail like a Z.  The kitten on the right is the largest.  He has been nicknamed "Chub-Chub" by the two oldest children.





April 30, 2001 - DAY 14

Now the ears begin to pop up...