PLEASE NOTE:  4:00 p.m. Saturday - We have had many interested parties.  All of the furniture here has been given away.  Thank you for your interest.

We have a sofa sleeper, recliner and swivel chair which we would like to give away.
We are located in Aloha (near Beaverton).
You carry them, you haul them, you own them!

The Sofa Sleeper and recliner are pictured below and to the right.


The swivel chair (left) is missing a button in the seat.  It also has a spot where the wrap is coming loose (visible on left side of picture).

The sofa seat cushion covers and armrests could use a good deep cleaning.  There are some kitten claw scratches on one side.

The recliner doesn't recline very easily and has a very tiny hole in the seat cushion.


Why are we giving away all of our living room furniture?  Because we ordered new furniture and need to have a place to put it when it's ready for delivery.



Some things to note:

We have pets.  If you are allergic to animal dander, you will probably not want these pieces of furniture.

You MUST arrange for your OWN help in moving the furniture, and you MUST provide your OWN transportation.
The sofa-sleeper is heavy, and will require a number of strong helpers to get it out to the driveway to load into your truck.

This furniture is FREE.  No strings attached.  Just take it away.

If you have gotten this far and are still interested, email me.  I check my email many times a day, and will respond to emails in the order in which they are received:

To E-mail Me, Click Here!

"Yes, I want the free furniture!"