September 2nd 2002

Making Progress - We've added more rocks, the pathway lighting, and the flagstone steps:

September 2nd - Work Progresses

The water in the main pond still hasn't cleared, but the bog garden has been planted and the rocks are being put into place. The whole yard is beginning to shape up.

Here's a nice view of the plants in the bog garden.

The aromatic roses along the pathway are in full bloom.

Floating hyacinths were placed in the pond in an effort to help combat algae and promote water clarity.

September 9th 2002

Finishing Touches - In goes the barkdust and the bridge:

Notice the glider bench (upper right) which still hasn't found a final resting place. Michael and I poured a thick slab of concrete out under the fir tree near the street, where it will eventually sit once the concrete has cured.

September 12th 2002

Michael and I spent a lot of time out on the bench just listening to the waterfalls and watching the fish. Whether sitting in the shade of the tree on a sunny day, or relaxing there on a moonlit summer night, we both found the effect of the water garden to be almost hypnotic. We highly recommend the experience to everyone.

The next page will show the koi fish and a final "Before & After" comparison.