The Flying M Ranch - Page Two


The second page of our visit to The Flying M Ranch in Yamhill, Oregon

October 2, 2004

Views form the trail ride

A view of the land over which we were traveling on our trail ride.

Riding, riding, riding...
Heading up along the ridge which leads to the campsite area where we will have our dinner.

Looking downhill at the riders behind me.
Gorgeous scenery

Looking forward at the riders in front of me.

Here we are walking along the ridge.  The views from up here were incredible.

Hillside views

More evening views
These pictures really don't do justice to the surrounding hillside views.

Arriving at the steak and chicken fry site.
Michael dismounts to prepare for dinner.

Michael gets his things so that Clyde can go rest.

Our resident wrangler getting Clyde ready to go hang out with the other horses.

The girls were quick to find the hot chocolate.
The girls quickly found the hot chocolate and settled in to listen to the singing cowboy.

The horses.

Another picture of the horses.

The Flying M Ranch horses

One of the ranch dogs

One of the resident dogs

The dinner pavillion
The dinner pavillion

Our own singing cowboy!
Here is a photograph of our singing cowboy.  He was really good!

Another photo of the singing cowboy

Dinner was amazing!  Diners had a choice of chicken or steak, lots of yummy side dishes, as well as an array of beverages and desserts.

Around the campfire after dinner

Campfire people
Gossiping around the campfire after dinner

Another photograph of ourgroup sitting and chatting around the campfire.

One last photo before riding off into the sunset...

One last shot of the dinner pavillion before we mounted up to ride back to the stables.  See y'all next year!