Flying M Ranch - Page One


Highlights from our October 2, 2004 visit to the Flying M Ranch in Yamhill, Oregon

Bridge to the cabins

The bridge to the Flying M cabins.

Stream running through the Flying M property
The stream over which the bridge runs.

Seeing our cabin for the first time
Our first glimpse of our cabin.

Justie checking out the bedroom

Justeena checks out the bedroom of our cabin.

J.J. surprised me by appearing in the doorway while I was trying to take this picture.  Oops!

J.J. accidentally walked into view as I was snapping this photograph of our living quarters.  He didn't know I was taking a picture, and I didn't know he was going to pop into the doorway.  Oops!

The view wondow off of our living room
The picture window view from our cabin.  The window overlooks the water.

Vesper being a ham
Vesper hamming it up for the camera.

Justie, Vesper and J.J. waiting for the trail and wagon rides to begin.

Justeena, Vesper and J.J. again

Justeena, Vesper and J.J. waiting at the stables

The stables
A shot of the horses in the stables.

The Flying M Lodge
The Flying M Ranch Lodge

Michael getting ready to mount Clyde.

Michael meets Clyde

Michael and Clyde

Clyde was the only horse there tiny enough to accomodate Michael's wee frame.

Getting instructions for driving Clyde.
Clyde is half Clydesdale.

More riding instructions for Michael

Here we go

The group shot
The whole gang

Another group shot
A couple more group shots

Getting ready for the trail ride

Now I'm mounted up too.

Hi Justie!  She's riding Shorty.

Michael in front of me on Clyde.

There goes the wagon.  Bye J.J. and Vesper!
There goes the wagon.  J.J. and Vesper rode it up to meet us at the campsite.

Another wagon shot.  Justie is on Shorty.

Another picture of the wagon

Pretty views!

The view of the Flying M lodge from up on the hillside. 

Hi Michael!
This photograph was taken while on the trail ride.  I was aiming the camera back toward Michael, Justie and some of the other riders.

More views on the ride.
More views

On the trail

The girl in front of me was riding "Squirt".

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