Easter - 2004


Everybody meets in the driveway at the Brown's house.

Jim and Erik

Jim and Erik on the way home from the hospital.

Jim and Erik again

Deer with eggs

Eggs can be found just about everywhere in the front yard.


Donette grew extra ears.

Erik taking a nap at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Erik is very, very tired and needs a rest.

Vesper greeting her great-grandmother.

Vesper greets her great-grandmother.

Vesper by the deer.

Let the hunt begin!

Let the hunt begin!

More egg hunting.

Julianne and Vesper race to find all of the hidden eggs.


Julianne again.

Hi Julianne!

Rainey, Cook, Margie and Michael - visiting

Rainey, Cook, Margie and Michael visit in the house.

"Whisper" the stray cat.

The stray cat, Whisper.

Whisper hunting eggs

Whisper gets in on the egg hunting.

Paige family and Vesper

The Paiges and Vesper.

Clockwise from top left:  Jim, Donette Julianne and Erik

An Easter picture of the Paige family.