The Hollands, who reside in California, arranged for a reunion with their Oregonian friends at
Diamond Lake in Central Oregon for the week of July 21st through the 29th.  Some families
stayed in the RV Park, some at the resort in the lodge or cabins, and we (being the only tent
dwellers) stayed in the state campground.

Here are some photographic memories from our time there, which lasted from Saturday the 21st
through Monday the 23rd.

Here's the clan, all gathered at the RV Park.

Kelly and Kimber chat during dinner.

What a cutie!

On Sunday we all met at the beachfront area at the resort.

Morgan and Justeena smile for the camera. 
This was our view from our campsite in the state park.

This was one of many visitors we had to our site.  This
little guy was named "Frodent", which was derived from
"Friendly Rodent".

The Ridgeway Mansion
Michael prepared our morning coffee over
the campfire as the sun rose.

Vesper and her daddy.