Welcome to my own special section of our homepage!

I'm Deena Stevens, and this page will tell you a little about me.
My most important roles in my life are those of being a wife and mother.  I have three children:  J.J. (age 12), Justeena (age 10) and Vesper (age 5).  I served two years as the P.T.O. President and a year as the P.T.O. Secretary at my family's elementary school.  Additionally, I am in charge of the school's annual Science Fair.  I also served as the Chartered Organization Representative and Pack Secretary for J.J.'s Cub Scout Pack and am now the Communications Officer in his Boy Scout Troop.  Additionally, I am now volunteering one afternoon a week at CEYP (Continuing Education for Young Parents), where I help to care for babies while their mothers attend class.  One of my favorite hobbies is caring for all of my animals.  I absolutely adore my pets and backyard "wildlife".  By trade, I am a freelance artist.  However, I consider myself a full time Mom above all else. 

Birthdate: 08-07-67
ICQ#  2975663

To the left, Michael and I are being married at Kelley Point Park, where the Columbia River and the Willamette River converge.  Not surprisingly, we tied the knot on April 1st, April Fools' Day!

The picture on the right is the two of us, this year, on our anniversary.

To the left, here, is a photograph of me with J.J. and Justeena (I'm pregnant with Vesper in this picture).  We are in the southeastern Oregon desert, mining Oregon Sunstones.  My family mines and markets these gemstones worldwide.  For more information, click here:

Another hobby of mine is creating Halloween costumes.  For years I have designed and sewn the costumes which my family and I don for Halloween.  Here's a picture from when I was Cheetah, the chimpanzee (Michael was Tarzan, of course).

Me during a trip to Tucson, Arizona (February 1998) when my mother had to have emergency brain surgery for one of four aneurysms she was discovered to have.  A native of Oregon, she was in Arizona showing sunstones for the annual gemstone convention held there.

This picture was taken of me standing with my sister-in-law, Alice.  Michael and I were visiting the Wallace Monument in Scotland.  Michael's sister resides in Scotland with her husband, Stuart.

Yes, I have one!  This is the tattoo that I sport on my right ankle.  It's an original drawing I did.  I use it for my business logo for the freelance artwork under the DeeSigns  name. 

Skiing on Mt. Hood

Things I Love:
My Husband, My Children, Spending Time with my Family, Loving And Caring For My Animals, Beautiful Sunsets, Long Walks, Cozy Fires, Snuggling, Summertime, Evenings with Friends, Laughing, Dancing, A Good Workout at the Gym, Watching the Raccoons,  Observing the Squirrels, Feeding the Birds, Volunteering, Drawing, Painting, Snow Capped Mountains, Fishing in Streams, Holidays with my Relatives, Chocolate, A Clean House, Scented Candles, Habanero Hot Sauces, Sushi, Hugs, Gold Jewelry, Craft Projects, Playing on the Computer, Diet Coke, Playing Cards, Watching the X-Files, Skiing, Planting Flowers, Being Appreciated, Lush Green Foliage, Listening to Music, The Clean Smell of the Air After Rainfall, Blue Skies, Kisses, Black Clothing, Having Warm Feet, Playing the Drums, Going Sunstone Mining, Traveling, Driving my Truck, Smiles, Sitting in our Hot Tub, Tax Refunds, Lasting Friendships, Pretty Lingerie, Swimming, Talking, Giggling, Teasing, Specialty Mochas, A Comfortable Bed, Receiving an Unexpected Compliment, Being Kind.