The Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge - February 15, 2003 - Page One

Michael and I so enjoyed our first tour on the Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge about a year and a half ago, that
Michael planned another dinner cruise for us as our Valentine's Day celebration this year.  Coincidentally,
the ship was being piloted by Captain Randy, who had been our Captain on our previous voyage.  To make
the coincidence even niftier, we found ourselves once again with Matthew as our waiter.  Even stranger was
the fact that the previous night had been Matthew's last scheduled night to work, but he had agreed to
come on one last night.  That happened to be the night we arrived.  Being return customers, we were
given a special tour of some of the inner chambers of the ship.  It was a wonderful evening!

Michael stands in front of the Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge before boarding.

This is the docking area at Cascade Locks.

It wouldn't be Valentine's weekend without heart shaped balloons on board.

Oh, the heavenly dinners they serve!  I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

Love is in the air!  We were told that a tradition had been created the night before where the ship passengers had to journey up to the top deck to kiss under the heart.  Not being ones to ever break any such sacred rituals, we did our part...  maybe even more than once.

"I'm King of the, Worms...  What was my line?"

Dinner was over, but the bouquet of tulips was still radiant.

The now traditional self portrait, taken in the stairway of the sternwheeler.

I gave Captain Randy a kiss.

We had the privilege of meeting Captain Tom on this cruise as well.

Matthew and Michael - Just before they went overboard.

Hi Captain Randy!

Not a drink all night...

Bond, James Bond.

It was Matthew's last night working on the ship, so he gave us a special tour of the vessel's storage closet.

My storage closet's at home don't have all of these gauges...
By the way, Matthew, according to the gauge, we think the 7-Up needs more carbonation)

Nautical vacuum

I ran across this picture of all of my ex-boyfriends...