Blazers Game - March 12, 2004


The Portland Blazers vs. The Sacramento Kings

Joe and Angela made it possible for the family to attend this Blazers game, and treated us to a night of fun with family and friends. We were allowed the use of Phil Knight's executive suite, located at center court. What an amazing and awesome treat for us all!

Jolene and Joe talk with Julianne before the game


Jim, Julianne and Ron get themselves some pre-game snacks

Erik and his friends watch the pre-game activities

Hi Julianne!


Dan, Michael and Ron

Catching J.J. off guard

Jim and Donette (the birthday girl!)

Billy (right), one of Erik's friends, shaved his head in a show of support for Erik's fight against leukemia. Isn't that just the coolest gesture on his part?!?

"The Bald Guys"

Clockwise from top: Dan, Joe, Jim, Erik and Billy

"The Old Broads" as dubbed by Joe (Now you are in trouble, young man!)

Judy and Jolene

This blimp flies around the arena and drops prizes for cheering fans

Nearing the start of the game...

Erik watches the blimp

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