Cannon Beach Trip - July 2004 - Page Three


Off in the distance - playing in the ocean.

J.J. works on his masterpiece.

J.J. writes on his architecturally correct square-ish thingy-ma-bobber.

J.J. loves Stacy - even though he never spells her name right.

It says "I love Stacy".

J.J. adds a little something special to the masterpiece.

Here he is again adding that special touch.

Siea decides to add her own special touch too.

Siea loves Stacey too.

Seagull feathers act as hair on a sand sculpture that we found on the beach.

A jackknifed semi-truck made getting home a little slower.

I'll bet the driver wasn't having a very good day.

A very tired Siea was passed out in J.J.'s lap all the way home.

Wrapped in a towel to stay warm and dry - a napping Siea puppy.