Cannon Beach Trip - July 2004 - Page Two


More fortress saving (from Page One)

Vesper gets right in to help.

J.J., Justie, Vesper and Michael all try to strengthen the fortress

Oh no!  Here come the waves!

Everybody panic!

Gotta save the fortress!

Hmmm....  They're giving up and starting over elsewhere.

The tide won't get us this time!  At least not for a little while...

Getting bigger.  Bigger is better.

J.J., Justie and Vesper - July 6, 2004

Siea - Havanese puppy dog - Almost six months old

Michael showing off his perfect footbalk throwing form.

Taking aim...

Vesper has the cable repairman style going on.

More of Vesper's fashion statement

Michael wrote a romantic message in the sand.

J.J. loves Stacey, courtesy of Justeena's penmanship.

Justeena and Vesper write in the sand.

J.J. works on his sand sculpture

Justie tries to remember her name.

J.J. decides on his plan of action.  He calls this his underwater gerbil maze.

More writing in the sand.

J.J. has a fashion statement of his own.

J.J.'s sandy pants problem.

Dirty, dirty boy...

J.J. and Justeena playing in the sand.

Vesper looks cold and wet, but she says that she's not.