Cannon Beach Trip - July 2004 - Page One


Justie and Vesper at Camp 18

Vesper with a carving

J.J., Justie and Vesper

J.J., Justeena and Vesper with Siea

Camp 18 sign

On the fire truck

The kids on the Camp 18 fire truck

J.J., Justie and Vesper on the antique fire truck

Kitchen help making rolls

Kitties galore

More kitties

Cats and kittens


Chain saws in the stump

Old engine

More of the kitties

Almost all of them - Camp 18 Cats

Last one of the cats, I promise.

Antique machinery

J.J.'s photography skills

Cannon Beach Kite Factory

Siea, the Havanese puppy, on the beach

Our kite flew itself.

Everybody works to save the fortress

Here comes the tide!

More sand digging shots

Kite in one corner (flying itself) and Siea in the other by the backpack.