Pets Page - 2002

Kalimerow - Born 1987

Kalimerow is the matriarch of our cat family. She was born in the spring of 1987, and I have cared for her her entire life. Kalimerow has been diagnosed with a tumor in her sinus cavity. Hence the swelling around her browline, left eye, and nostrils. Her medical condition saddens me greatly, as she has been with me my entire adult life. Due to her age, we have opted to try to keep her as comfortable as possible as she lives out her days with us.

Brea - Born 1991

Brea came to live with us when J.J. could only point at her and say, "Key!" I adopted her from the Washington County Animal Shelter. Her name is due to her coloration, and is derived from the LaBrea Tar Pits in California. I adopted her in the summer of 1991, before Justeena was born. She is silky and beautiful, with an air of elegance about her. She is an extremely affectionate cat.

Dodo - Born 1996

Dodo is the most independent of all of our cats. She doesn't necessarily shy away from the other cats, however, her demeanor is much more of tolerance of the rest of the group than of actual close association. She came to live with us in September of 1996. Her name comes from her absolutely silly nature as a kitten. She was always full of surprises like taking down the dining room curtains in the middle of our dinnertime. She prefers to make her closest bonds with humans, particularly my middle daughter, Justeena.

Halona - Born approximately 1998

Halona, which means "Fortunate", was a cat I adopted from the Bonnie L. Hays animal shelter while she was quite pregnant. Six days after her arrival here, she gave birth to three darling little kittens, one of whom we kept (Cowkitty - below). Halona is very protective, and while Kali retains the supervisory "matriarch" title, Halona is the most motherly of the clan. She babies all of the other cats, and cares for them as if they are her own offspring.

Nahima - Born 2001

Nahima is one of my two male cats. He's a gorgeous seal-point and is the brother of Sakari (below). Born on February 18, 2001, he came to live with us in March of that same year. Nahima is very laid-back and has a habit of following family members around. He is fascinated by bathtub bubbles. Nahima waits by the door when we leave and placidly tolerates the lavish affections showered upon him by his humans.

Sakari - Born 2001

Sakari is the "King" of our clan. The brother of Nahima (above), he is a very regal presence in our household and ruler of all he surveys. Calm, cool and collected at all times, Sakari naturally presides over all. Sakari is a velvety soft flame-point with a deep voice, to which he expects his humans to listen and heed. Both he and Nahima have six toes (polydactyl) on their front paws.

Cowkitty - Born 2001

Cowkitty is Halona's daughter, born on April 17, 2001. Cowie was almost lost at six weeks due to disease which was passed to her by her mother. A blood transfusion and twenty-one days worth of medication later, she was as good as new and staying with us for good. Her tail bends at a forty-five degree angle due to a congenital condition. One of her brothers had two kinks in his tail. When she was born, Michael said, "One of them looks like a cow! We have a cowkitty!" I said, "No, absolutely not." But it was too late, the name stuck.

Sake - Born 2001

Sake was a pet store purchase I made after lunch at a local Japanese restaurant. Hence, her name. She needed a lot of tender loving care, as she had all kinds of problems stemming from her life before coming here. She has turned into an astonishingly pretty cat, whose complete beauty is difficult to capture in one picture. She is sweet and happy, reminding me of a young, adolescent girl.

Nueve - Born 2002

Nueve was another kitten I found in a pet store. She was in very bad condition, malnourished and flea-ridden. I watched her for six days before I purchased her, hoping that my frequent visits would prompt the store owners to pay attention to her poor condition. Finally, I could stand it no more. She nearly died anyway, her condition being so critical that she had to be hospitalized for a time to save her life. The list of her past health problems is too long to post here, but the good news is she now has a clean bill of health and behaves accordingly!

Laika the Spacecat - Born 2002

"Laika the Spacecat" is the youngest member of our feline menagerie. She is predominantly black with white strands sprinkled throughout her coat. It produces a very interesting sparkle effect to her fur. I adopted her from our local shelter. She is a passive little thing, with a personality very much like Nahima's. She is curious and known to follow the family members around. In fact, she's nearly been stepped on far too many times because of her habit of quietly parking herself next to a person's feet. She's a favorite for cuddling because she's so laid back.

Sloppy - The stray cat

This is Sloppy, the stray cat. Sloppy is not one of my own cats, but I have been caring for him for several years. This will be Sloppy's fourth winter with us, if he sticks around. While the other cats never go outside, Sloppy never comes inside. He seems quite content out on our back deck, where he sleeps in the sunshine or curls up in his box when it is raining. Sloppy is a male of unknown age. His name was a take-off from Michael's sister's stray cat, whom she called "Sloopy".

Kings Valley P'rchance T' Dream "Camdyn" - Born 2001

This is my rough collie puppy. His AKC registered name is Kings Valley P'rchance T' Dream, but we just call him "Camdyn". His call name is Gaelic in origin, meaning "from the winding valley". Camdyn is my buddy. He loves to go on walks to take the kids to school, and he enjoys the companionship of both the family members and strangers alike. He's gone on several trips with us and is a great "travel" dog. He's a bright, intelligent dog with a willingness to please. He sleeps next to me every night, often found on his back, paws in the air, with his chewtoys scattered about.

Pirko - Male Whiteface Cockatiel

Pirko was my first cockatiel, and so for that reason, holds a pretty special place in my heart. His name (pronounced Peer-ko) means "little feather" in Czech. He's extremely tame and very sociable. He whistles and talks, imitating sounds he hears around the house. Pirko likes to pitter patter about the upstairs area, checking on his humans to see what is happening. He loves all kinds of healthy foods - pellets, fresh vegetables, Beak Appetit mixes and birdie bread.

Bazlivy - Male Whiteface Cockatiel

Bazlivy was my second cockatiel. His name is pronounced Bazsh-lee-vee, and is Czech for "timid". Bazlivy isn't the most sociable of my tiels, but I love him anyway. He is very vocal, and taught Pirko all kinds of things he had learned in the places from whence he came. One of the most notable is a car alarm sound, which they all do nearly perfectly now. He and Pirko are both very pretty whiteface tiels.

Motyl - Male Lutino Cockatiel

This is Motyl (pronounced Moh-teel). The word is Czech for "butterfly", but I joked that it was really what I said to Michael when I got him: "Just one mo' tiel, Honey. Just one mo' tiel!" Motyl is a very pretty lutino with an extremely friendly nature. Motyl loves to be held, and he thrives on human attention. Both Motyl and Pirko let me know if I have forgotten to greet them when I walk by, by saying, "Hey Motyl!" and "Hi Pirko!" to me, respectively.

Piper - Female "Foster" Cockatiel

This is Piper. She's my "foster" tiel. I'm taking care of her indefinitely for her owner, who was unable to keep her due to a move. Her owner, Katrina, comes to visit her and still plans to take her back someday when her circumstances allow. However, Katrina is grateful that I am willing to help out, as otherwise she would have had to sell Piper. I am happy to be able to do so, and love this little girl like one of my own.

More - Male Budgie

More (pronounced Moh-zshreh) is Czech for "ocean". I don't know how old he is due to the fact that he was obtained from a pet store, but I was told by the vet that he was not a spring chicken (so to speak, of course). He's pretty docile and let's Duha (below) be in charge of their household (cage), which they share.

Duha - Male Budgie

Duha (pronounced Doo-hah) is Czech for "rainbow". He's a goofy little brat, spoiled to death and cute as can be. Duha likes the warmth of human hands and is the dominant of the two budgies. He's also very much a clown, amusing us with his acrobatics and chattery nature.

One-Oh-Nine - Jersey Wolley Rabbit

One-Oh-Nine is our Jersey Wooly bunny rabbit. One-oh-Nine got his name because we were having difficulty coming up with a suitable name, so we decided to have each person in the family put a name choice into a can and have a drawing. Vesper's card was pulled, and she had written down the numbers she saw on the side of a window cleaner bottle. However, instead of writing 409, she accidentally wrote: 109. Hence, the bunny's title.

Spween - Betta Fish

Spween is our betta fish. Spween's name was another creation by Vesper. Back when she was two and a half, Vesper loved the name "Sabrina". However, she wasn't very good at pronouncing it, and would instead say: Spweena. When we purchased the fish, she wanted to name it "Spweena". When I told her it was a male fish, she matter-of-factly replied, "Well then, we should call him 'Spween'." So Spween it was. He's been with us since 1999.

Lyzard - Bearded Dragon I am currently babysitting for three weeks.

This is Lyzard. I'm only baby sitting this bearded dragon for three weeks while a friend is off touring Europe. However, since she's here and the rest of the pets were getting in their photo sessions, I decided to add this charming little lady as well.

As of September 11, 2002, we have also added five koi fish to the master list. I'll post pictures of them as soon as they decide to trust us enough to come to the surface of the water in the pond for a photography session.